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Are Solar PV Panels still
worth installing?

South West Free Energy offer Solar PV systems to both domestic and business customers in the Devon, serving Plymouth, Exeter and surrounding areas

New lower prices mean that we can still offer a
TAX FREE RETURN OF 10% every year for 25 years.

The feed in tariff rate has been reduced to 21p per kWh because the cost of solar panels has dropped by more than half over the last two years. The Government wanted to maintain a fair return on investment which now is the same as when the scheme started in 2010. Typical systems now cost between £6995 and £8995 making it much more affordable.
What is happening to the Feed in Tariff?
The Feed in Tariff is being reduced in line with the cost of installing a solar pv system maintaining a return on investment of about 10% for our customers in the South West.  The Feed in tariff is 21p per kWh generated by the system whether you use it or not. For domestic customers this could be worth over £800 per year, paid tax free, and increasing every year in line with the RPI. This is paid for 25 years. There are plans to reduce the Feed in Tariff again in July and October to possibly 16.5p and then possibly every 6 months if the number of installed systems continues to grow at the current rate. It is important to note that the rate of Feed in Tariff you are paid is based on the rate applicable when the system is registered so the sooner you install a Solar PV system the higher the rate will be and the more you will be paid for the next 25 years.
How much will I save on my electricity bill?
A typical 4kWp Solar PV installed in the South West should generate about 4000kWh every year. A typical household will use between 3000kWh and 5000kWh every year. However as some of your energy use is at night when the Solar PV system is not generating it is likely that you will use half of what you generate saving you about £280 every year. If you can change your energy use to use more in the day and less at night then you can make even greater savings. As electricity prices rise so your savings will also rise.
Can I sell any electricity I don’t use?
Your electricity supplier will automatically pay you 3.1p for every unit of electricity you don’t use. They will assume you don’t use half of what you generate and will therefore pay you an extra £62 a year even if you manage to use it all.
Is there is link to the Energy Performance rating of the house?
From April 2012 domestic properties will have to be rated “D” of higher in order to be paid the highest rate of Feed in Tariff. This means that measures like loft insulation needs to be checked and if necessary improved to meet the “D” rating. However fitting a Solar PV system will, by itself, increase the energy rating.

Solar PV systems for business
For business customers the income from a Solar PV system is treated as taxable income
Not to be confused
Not to be confused with Solar Thermal panels which produce hot water Electric Solar Panels or Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) panels as they should be called generate electricity when exposed to sunlight.
Clean energy cash back or Feed in Tariff.
The clean energy cash back or Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) as it is sometimes known became available in all areas of the UK except Northern Ireland in April 2010.
Solar PV systems for homes
Fitting a Solar PV system to your home will reduce your electricity bills and provide a generous tax free income for the next 25 years.
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About South West Free Energy
South West Free Energy offer Solar PV systems to both domestic and business customers in the South West